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AnnArborAlive is a non-profit organization using new media technology to promote the culture, knowledge base, and business community of the Ann Arbor Area. Working in partnership with local artists, content producers, businesses, and organizations, AnnArborAlive offers a strong internet presence featuring extensive web-streaming capabilities meant to improve media access for the community and market its’ content over the web.

More Detail

Our mission is to promote the development and distribution of Ann Arbor Area talent and interests by:

1)     Providing internet streaming media services to members of the community including live broadcast capability.


2)     Develop a community internet portal (the Neighborhood) to create an online Ann Arbor community for increasing inner-community communication and outer-community access.


    3)  Developing online resources for the funding and financial support of local artists and nonprofits including national marketing

    4)  Develop workshops, classes and performance spaces for arts
     education and presentation

    5)  Providing online communication support systems including easily accessed and edited web pages, forums, and comment boards for  community use.








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