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We need you...
Come Fly With the A3Radio Air Aces

We're creating a radio station that reflects the culture of Ann Arbor. We need as many people involved from the area as possible. The time has come to put Ann Arbor back on the map artistically, politically and intellectually. The world needs us, we need each other. The time has come to participate in the future of radio.

We are developing volunteer, part-time, and (hopefully) full-time positions.

Here's just a sample of the type of talents and interests we're looking for:

  • Music Aficionados
  • Political Commentators
  • Computer Geeks
  • Sound Techies
  • Provide voice-overs
  • Provide digital audio editing
        (training provided)
  • Readers for poetry, stories, etc.
  • DJ's
  • Channel Managers
  • Community Activists
  • Help with Sales & Marketing projects
  • Conduct interviews
        with local personalities
  • Provide office help
  • Investors
  • Feel free to email us with any question at

    Fill out our Volunteer Form to get started.

    A3Radio DJs

    We're looking for special people who love music and are passionate about turning-on others to what they love.  Interested?  Email us at:


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