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AnnArborAlive Volunteers
The Community Activists that keep us on the air

Volunteers are the life blood of AnnArborAlive.  We're all working to build our station and put online all the great things that are Ann Arbor.  This is your chance to be part of Ann Arbor's internet radio revolution and work with a close and dedicate group that is showing the world the strength and personality of the Ann Arbor area and having fun doing it. 
 Creating community content, interviewing, sales, audio editing, concert production, accounting, web page development, management, tech support, recording...  Tell us what your interests are and we'll welcome you and find your best fit on our team  - just submit your info below .

Feel free to email us with any question at  


Address 1:           

Address 2:           


Alternate Phone: 


Are there particular things you're interested in doing?:

What skills do you have?:

What's your level of computer experience?:

About how much time could you commit to AnnArborAlive each week,
working from our studios and/or your home?:

Are there particular days that you are available?:

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