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From left to Right, Tom Saunders, Warren Kress, Ray Taylor and Jim Griffin talk about music in the Web radio station in downtown
Ann Arbor. Saunders, Kress and Griffin are the founders of A3 Radio, an internet station that offers music, news and opinion online 24 hours a day.

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BY AMY WHITESALL images/A2News OnAir
News Staff Reporter

A3 Radio is not only off the map, it's off the dial. But the Ann Arbor-based Web radio station, found on the Internet at, is nonetheless worth a visit.

Founders Jim "Griff" Griffin, "Nearly Normal" Warren Kress, Tom Saunders (a.k.a. Owen Glendower) and a dedicated group of volunteers keep music, news and viewpoints streaming 24/7 to a computer near you.

A3 Radio and its corresponding nonprofit, Ann Arbor Alive, stir the creative pot that is Ann Arbor. A3 Radio has been broadcasting a cornucopia of music channels that includes one called "Cornucopia" (described on the site as "Everything in any order.") The station doesn't make enough money yet to issue paychecks, but it takes advantage of technology that Griffin says is quickly changing the way people listen to the radio.

The ever-growing music library of 10,000-12,000 songs is diverse enough to support separate channels for classical, electronica, jazz, rock, swing, blues, punk and gospel, among others, but none is closer to the heart of the project than the 1,500-song collection of music by local artists.

Griffin, Kress and Saunders were sick of hearing all the same songs and artists on the radio, and they wanted a place for the progressive political voice that's not heard on a national stage. On a given day you might hear a track from "Freak Show," a rock opera that earned its creator, Daniel Worley, a PhD from the University of Michigan, followed by George Bedard and the Kingpins' "William Tell '97" on the heels of an advertisement featuring a rap about the virtues of the People's Food Co-op. The News and Views channel recently ran a George Carlin rant that would never be allowed on mainstream or conventional radio, and activist and former Ann Arborite John Sinclair does a show four times a week live from various cannabis coffeehouses in Amsterdam.

A3 Radio resides in the old WPAG studios, which Griffin proudly points out have been a source of radio and music for 60 years. There's a rooted, nostalgic feeling about the station and its Web counterpart,, that's very intentional.

"Our goal is to promote what people in Ann Arbor want to do and give them a place to do it," said Griffin.

They created Ann Arbor Alive to promote local artists and - by giving them a venue - to encourage more creativity. The door is open to aspiring radio personalities and anyone else who wants to get involved.

"One of the big things to spring out of the nonprofit was using the Internet and primarily the Web to help create community at another level," Griffin said. "Not only does it create community, it brings people together but it gives them a direction or a goal. If we give them a place to put their stuff, it's actually self-motivating."

Amy Whitesall can be reached at (734) 994-6842 

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