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Tangostew - self-titled
(CD, GRRB records, 2007)

Immersed in the fast-paced, high-energy motor city area, Rob Crozier puts his listeners into a Formula One zone at the onset of his debut album 'Tangostew.'  The piece 'Drive' mixes a racing interview with sounds that would be right at home on the NASCAR circuit.  Essentially, Crozier is Tangostew. He plays all instruments on 8 of the CD's 9 tracks and creates a vast array of sounds and styles, ranging from jazz, ambient and experimental. On the last composition, 'Moneeb Ala Turka,' Crozier is on bass and joined by guitarist Reha Ognulu and percussionist Jamie Boyes. Crozier's own percussion processes standout on 'Bermuda Shuffle' amid a pulsating electronic rhythm.  'Bermuda Shuffle' shifts into the harmonica-driven track 'Ballad of Good Clean John,' which features sounds reminiscent of the best work of Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. '...Clean John' is the highlight track on the album, in my opinion, but there's much to enjoy on 'Tangostew,' including a jazzy feel on 'Capillary Rush,' 'Mooseleg' and 'Moneeb Ala Turka,' as well as a head-trip atmosphere on 'Crickets and Mobiles.' Apart from Tangostew, Crozier plays bass and percussion with Ann Arbor's Terry Farmer and the Roadhouse Revival Band. That group has been entertaining audiences at Zingerman's Roadhouse during the Radio Free Bacon show that broadcasts on-line. For more information about Tangostew contact Details on the Radio Free Bacon schedule, as well as downloads of past shows, are at

Jake Reading

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