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The Future of AnnArborAlive

Picture the cell phone as your internet connection device.  High speed  internet, cell phone, organizer everywhere you go.  Hand held and wirelessly connected to your home stereo, TV, car Stereo, and every computer you own.

Your late on your way home from work so you speed dial AnnArborAlive Community Radio to listen to catch the end of your daughters high school softball game broadcast by one of the girls mothers from her laptop at the teams bench.  Your daughters post-game interview goes nicely when you suddenly remember your favorite local music group is performing at Crazy Wisdom.  You quickly speed dial to the Local Music Channel and catch the end of the first set as you pull into the driveway.  A flick of the power to the entertainment center and it picks up the Local Music stream from your phone, complete with surround sound and full video (sorry, still no video while you drive! ).  Your timer beeps to remind you of the Energy Council meeting on the AnnArborAlive Government Channel.  Still involved in the music, you picture-in-picture the meeting with subtitles...until you see your neighbor's segment at the meeting from his computer next door.  You jump on the chat to remind him of the points you wanted made.  You made it just in time.  Satisfied, you podcast your daughters game while you draw your bath so you can discuss play-by-play with her when she gets home. 

Communication is changing.  A new level of community involvement is at our fingertips, and local radio and television in conjunction with the internet is vehicle.

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